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Cross-Cutting Research Support
Architecture Technical Support

Technical support is offered to assist regions and MPOs in the use and maintenance of their ITS regional architectures.  For more information on this, interested persons should contact the ITS specialist at the FHWA Division office in the state and/or the Architecture Field Support Team.  The latter provides short-term, on-call or on-site technical assistance to:

  • facilitate the utilization and maintenance of regional ITS architectures
  • help prepare for regional ITS architecture seminars or workshops
  • provide follow-up support during regional or project ITS architecture development
  • provide support for users of Turbo Architecture software

In all instances, Architecture Team support may also be included in the assistance provided.

The Architecture Field Support Team includes:

Emiliano Lopez , FHWA HQ
Greg Jones, FHWA Resource Center
Frank Cechini, FHWA California Division
James Hunt, FHWA HQ
John Broemmelsiek , FHWA Louisiana Division
Nathaniel Price, FHWA Oregon Division
Don Gedge, FHWA Tennessee Division
Kingsley Azubike, Pennsylvania Division
Rick Denney, FHWA Resource Center


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