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Connected Vehicle
Connected Vehicle Technology

The development and deployment of a fully connected transportation system that makes the most of multi-modal, transformational applications requires a robust, underlying technological platform. The platform is a combination of well-defined technologies, interfaces, and processes that, combined, ensure safe, stable, interoperable, reliable system operations that minimize risk and maximize opportunities.

A successful platform will be developed through a process of thorough and considered research while meeting a set of rigorous criteria:

  • The platform will allow for growth, expandability, and incorporation of newly evolving technologies.
  • In knowing the architectural configuration and definition of interfaces, creative private-sector firms will be able to develop new applications that are not yet envisioned but remain for future imagination.
  • And finally, the platform will be developed based on the complexity and range of human behaviors that will interact with and impact upon the system.

For the ITS Program and its partners to deliver such a platform, further research is needed in the creation of standards for interoperability; security of the system; strategies that address the complexity of human behavior and risks associated with the driver's workload; and processes that define how travelers and equipment become a certified part of the system. Other technical research will also be pursued to identify and resolve technological limitations with positioning, scalability, and other technical issues.

The following represent some, but not all, of the critical research efforts over the next five years that will address the underlying technological platform and are described on the following pages:


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