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Integrated Corridor Management

Efforts to date to reduce surface transportation congestion have focused on optimization of individual networks. Corridors offer an opportunity to operate and optimize the entire system as opposed to the individual networks. Through the Integrated Corridor Management Systems initiative, the U.S. DOT will provide guidance to assist agencies in implementing Integrated Corridor Management, create supporting analysis tools, approaches, and technical standards, and demonstrate the value of ICM.

ITS in Action...
Guide to Federal ITS Research
graphic of an AERIS transformative Concepts: Signals, Lanes, Traveler Information, Emissions
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Research Contacts

Brian Cronin
Team Lead, Research and Demonstration
ITS Joint Program Office
Research and Innovative Technology Administration
(202) 366-8841

Steven Mortensen
ICM Program Manager
Office of Mobility Innovation
Federal Transit Administration
(202) 493-0459

Robert Sheehan
Transportation Specialist
Office of Transportation Management
(202) 366-6817

Dale Thompson
Transportation Research Specialist
ITS Joint Program Office
(202) 493-3420

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