The ITS Program's research is designed to achieve a vision of a national, multi-modal surface transportation system that features a connected transportation environment among vehicles, the infrastructure and passengers' portable devices. This connected environment will leverage technology to maximize safety, mobility and environmental performance.

Connected Vehicle
Connected vehicle research aims to enable safe, interoperable net-worked wireless communications among vehicles, the infrastructure, and passengers' personal communications devices. More>>
Research in a set of Short Term Intermodal research programs is expected to further the Department's goal of leveraging technology to maximize safety, mobility, and environmental performance. More>>
The ITS Program's Cross-Cutting Support are functions that ensure the effective and successful implementation and use of ITS. More>>
The ITS Exploratory Research Program solicits creative ideas for new technology options that address connectivity, safety, mobility, and environmental mitigation. More>>
Research Planning
The ITS Joint Program Office oversees planning functions that related to the DOTís ITS program. Central to this effort is the solicitation of input from public- and private-sector stakeholders. More>>
ITS Success Stories
The ITS Program's past research focused on the use of ITS technologies to help agencies maximize their transportation infrastructure investments.  More>>


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