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Staff Listing by Topic
Subject Name Phone Number
Research Coordination; Congestion Program; Integrated Corridor Management Brian Cronin (202) 366-8841
Next Generation 9-1-1; Public Safety; Emergency Transportation Operations; Rural Safety Linda Dodge (202) 366-8034
Automation Research Kevin Dopart (202) 366-5004
Systems Engineering, Test Bed, and Certification Walton Fehr (202) 366-0278
Team Lead for Policy and Tech Transfer Kevin Gay (202) 493-0259
Program Manager Data Ariel Gold (202) 366 - 4374
IFreight and Commercial Vehicle Operations Applications; Technology Options for Collecting User Fees; Electronic Freight Management; ITS Evaluation; ITS Program Assessment; Real-Time Data; Congestion Program Katherine K. Hartman (202) 366-2742
Communications, Outreach and General Inquiries Mike Pina (202) 366-3700
Environmental Applications; AERIS; ITS Evaluation Marcia Pincus (202) 366-9230
Multimodal Research Robert Sheehan (202) 366-6817
ITS Architecture and Standards; International Standards Harmonization; Integrated Vehicle Based Safety Systems Steve Sill (202) 366-1603
Managing Director, Policy and Knowledge Transfer Egan Smith (202) 366-9224
ITS Program Advisory Committee (ITSPAC) Stephen Glasscock (202) 366-9126



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