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ITS Technology Transfer Portal

Welcome to the ITS Technology Transfer Portal. Here you will find resources that can assist you as you make important decision about your ITS plans, procurements, and implementations. More>>

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Need to learn about ITS? The ITS Professional Capacity Building Program (ITS PCB) is the US DOT's primary mechanism for educating the public sector transportation workforce about Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Technical Assistance
Need a helping hand? The ITS Program, the FHWA Office of Operations, and the FHWA Resource Center offer a range of technical assistance to public-sector transportation agencies seeking help on ITS planning, deployment and operational challenges.
Knowledge Databases
ITS is now everywhere. Visit the ITS Program's Knowledge Resource databases to find over 15 years of users’ experiences with ITS. These databases contain a singular collection of reports and publications about where ITS is in use, the types of systems and technologies in use, and the impacts that ITS is having on safety, mobility, and the environment.
Don't go it alone. There are forums, blogs, and communities of knowledge and practice where ITS practitioners can discuss problems and share ideas and solutions.
ITS in Use Today
Are you new to the world of ITS? Don’t know where to start? Start by reviewing ITS Application Areas. Application areas are deployment-oriented categories where integrated ITS systems and technologies deliver effective transportation management solutions. Exploring this section is a good way to get an overview of the world of ITS.
Deployment Evaluation
How do you measure success? How is your agency evaluating the impact of the ITS systems and technologies it deploys? Explore this compilation of resources related to ITS evaluation and program assessment, including definitions, guidelines, and links to over 400 ITS evaluation-related documents.
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