Inside a Connected Vehicle

The connected vehicle contains safety, mobility, and environmental applications that can help drivers avoid accidents, shorten travel times, and make green travel choices that can lessen their impact on the environment. All of this while maintaining the driver's privacy.

a graphic of a 'connected' car - An under-the-hood box (a processor with memory) collects and transmits data between the vehicle's onboard equipment (OBE) and between OBE on near-by connected vehicles and safety devices along the roadside.   A display panel, sitting in the vehicle's center console opposite the driver's dashboard, displays audio or visual safety warnings to the driver.   A radio and antenna, using dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and a GPS receiver, receive and transmit data about the vehicle's position to other vehicles and to safety devices along the roadway.  Sensors collect additional information that improves the accuracy of the data being collected and transmitted by the vehicle.

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