ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB) Program


The ITS PCB Program is the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) primary mechanism for educating the public sector transportation workforce about ITS. The program is housed in the USDOT’s ITS Joint Program Office (JPO), which is part of the Research and Innovative Technology Division.

The program supports activities that deliver multi-modal ITS learning opportunities to the public sector workforce and:

  • Coordinates outreach related to the JPO’s ITS research initiatives
  • Provides technical assistance to public sector ITS deployers through ITS Peer-to- Peer (P2P) and Talking Technology and Transportation (T3) webinar programs and
  • Delivers ITS training through partners (see sidebar)

ITS PCB Program Objectives

Over the past fifteen years, the transportation workforce has developed sophisticated ITS knowledge, skills, and technologies. ITS is now a critical component of multimodal t ransportation operations.

ITS PCB Program aims to build ITS professional capacity and develop the future ITS workforce. It also seeks to leverage innovative technologies to ensure a multimodal transportation system for the Nation that provides travelers and businesses with safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally sustainable choices.

Who Benefits from the ITS PCB Program

The program serves both mid-career and emerging ITS professionals in the public and private arenas, as well as researchers, decision-makers, and other agency staff that are actively engaged in evaluating or implementing ITS technologies.

ITS PCB Program Strategies

The program employs multiple strategies to share ITS information and advance the state-of-the-practice, as well as,

  • Delivers ITS learning in partnership with professional associations, universities, and USDOT modal administrations
  • Determines core competencies needed for ITS professionals
  • Provides structured learning directly or through partners in key areas where ITS knowledge is emerging
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for learning opportunities
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing among researchers, practitioners, and decision makers; and
  • Leverages and connects the expertise needed to transfer research into practice and the marketplace.

Adapting to Technological Change

The ITS PCB Program is committed to giving the public-sector ITS workforce skills necessary to evaluate and implement new wireless and smart vehicle technologies. At the same time the program will continue to provide technical assistance on proven ITS solutions by transitioning from traditional classroom learning to an agile program responsive to the needs of a public-sector workforce challenged by frequent changes in technology. This translates into a PCB Program that relies more on web-based training, social media, and other distance learning opportunities.

Program Vision

The vision of the ITS PCB Program is to “develop an ITS workforce that leads the world in the innovative use of ITS technologies.” This vision is composed of four core components: collaboration, innovative thinking, a customer-focused strategy, and a results-driven approach. These core components, in turn, provide a basis for the program’s four inter-related goal areas:

  • ITS Professional Development – Equip current and emerging ITS professionals with the knowledge skills and abilities needed to plan, design, deploy, operate, and maintain ITS technologies.
  • Leadership Outreach – Develop a network of champions who promote the value of ITS.
  • Knowledge Exchange – Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and innovative ITS solutions.
  • Technology Transfer – Accelerate technology transfer to bring ITS research and proven solutions to the user community.

When put into action, the four components and goal areas support a strategic approach for program delivery that seeks to connect partners, accelerate the adoption of the ITS technologies, deliver learning in the most effective and engaging manner, and continuously evaluate the program for maximum impact.

Quick Guide ITS PCB Learning Resources

T3 Webinars

Talking Technology and Transportation (T3) webinars are 90-minute interactive web conferences on highway, transit, and multi-modal applications, ITS lifecycle issues, and other topics.

T3 Archives

T3 archives contain recordings of past webinars and offer a robust, on-demand learning resource. Archived webinars are composed of audio recordings synchronized with PowerPoint™ presentations.

ITS Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Program

The P2P Program involves sharing ITS knowledge through peer exchanges. These events provide short-term technical assistance to agencies facing ITS planning, procurement, deployment, and operational challenges. Interested agencies may apply online.

T3 and P2P resources are available at:

Knowledge Resources Databases

Databases offer a unique collection of reports, studies, technical documents, and instructional guides for planning, procuring, and deploying ITS. Four databases are available focused on ITS costs, benefits, lessons learned, and deployment statistics.

ITS Training Offered by ITS PCB Partners

Center for ITS Training and Education:
National Transit Institute:
Institute of Transportation Engineers:
Federal Highway Administration Office of Operations:

Measures of Success

The ITS JPO is a results-driven organization that seeks to continually improve the performance of its programs. Ultimately, the ITS PCB Program contributes to the USDOT’s ITS Program’s vision of:

“A national multi-modal surface transportation system that features a connected transportation environment around vehicles of all types, the infrastructure, and portable devices to serve the public good by leveraging technology
to maximize safety, mobility, and environmental performance.”

To learn more about the ITS PCB program, contact:

Michelle Noch
ITS Joint Program Office
(202) 366-0278