Phase 1 Publications

As the Phase 1 awardees advance through Phases 1-3 stages of development, they will yield a variety of documents, including webinars and documents reports that may be of value to other early deployers of innovative technologies to conduct similar planning and design activities. As documents are completed and are approved as part of the publication process, hyperlinks will be added to the following tables.

Task #/Name Document Name Training Materials Phase 1 Awardees Publications
Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency (HIRTA) Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) California Association of Coordinated Transportation (CALACT) University of Washington (UW) ICF International, Inc.
Task 1: Program Management Phase 1 Awardees Technical Kick-Off Meeting (2/23/21-2/25/21)

USDOT Kick-Off Slide Decks

HIRTA Kick-Off Slides ARC Kick-Off Slides CALACT Kick-Off Slides UW Kick-Off Slides ICF Kick-Off Slides
Task 1B: User Needs Identification and Requirements Planning User Needs Identification and Requirements Planning Document HIRTA UNIRP (FHWA-JPO-21-854) ARC UNIRP (FHWA-JPO-21-852) CALACT UNIRP (FHWA-JPO-21-853) UW UNIRP (FHWA-JPO-21-856) ICF UNIRP (FHWA-JPO-21-855)
Task 2: Concept of Operations Concept of Operations (ConOps) Document HIRTA ConOps (FHWA-JPO-21-859) ARC ConOps (FHWA-JPO-21-857) CALACT ConOps (FHWA-JPO-21-858) UW ConOps (FHWA-JPO-21-861) ICF ConOps (FHWA-JPO-21-860)
Task 3: Data Management Plan Data Management Plan Document HIRTA DMP (FHWA-JPO-21-867) ARC DMP (FHWA-JPO-21-865) CALACT DMP (FHWA-JPO-21-866) UW DMP (FHWA-JPO-21-869) ICF DMP (FHWA-JPO-21-868)
Task 4: Safety Management Plan Safety Management Plan Document HIRTA SMP (FHWA-JPO-21-872) ARC SMP (FHWA-JPO-21-870) CALACT SMP (FHWA-JPO-21-871) UW SMP (FHWA-JPO-21-874) ICF SMP (FHWA-JPO-21-873)
Task 5: Performance Measurement and Evaluation Support Plan Performance Measurement and Evaluation Support Plan Document HIRTA PMESP (FHWA-JPO-21-877) ARC PMESP (FHWA-JPO-21-875) CALACT PMESP (FHWA-JPO-21-876) UW PMESP (FHWA-JPO-21-879) ICF PMESP (FHWA-JPO-21-878)
Task 6: Systems Requirements Document Systems Requirements Document HIRTA SyRS (FHWA-JPO-21-882) ARC SyRS (FHWA-JPO-21-880) CALACT SyRS (FHWA-JPO-21-881) UW SyRS (FHWA-JPO-21-884) ICF SyRS (FHWA-JPO-21-883)
Task 7: Enabling Technology Readiness Assessment Enabling Technology Readiness Assessment Document HIRTA ETRA (FHWA-JPO-21-887) ARC ETRA (FHWA-JPO-21-885) CALACT ETRA (FHWA-JPO-21-886) Coming Soon ICF ETRA (FHWA-JPO-21-888)
Task 8: Human Use Approval Human Use Approval Summary HIRTA HUAS (FHWA-JPO-21-897) ARC HUAS (FHWA-JPO-21-895) CALACT HUAS (FHWA-JPO-21-896 UW HUAS (FHWA-JPO-21-899) ICF HUAS (FHWA-JPO-21-898)
Task 9: Participant Training and Stakeholder Education Plan  Participant Training and Stakeholder Education Plan HIRTA PTSEP (FHWA-JPO-21-902) ARC PTSEP (FHWA-JPO-21-900) CALACT PTSEP (FHWA-JPO-21-901) UW PTSEP (FHWA-JPO-21-904) ICF PTSEP (FHWA-JPO-21-903)
Task 10: Institutional, Partnership, and Financial Plan Institutional, Partnership, and Financial Plan Document HIRTA IPFP (FHWA-JPO-21-907) ARC IPFP (FHWA-JPO-21-905) CALACT IPFP (FHWA-JPO-21-906) UW IPFP (FHWA-JPO-21-909) ICF IPFP (FHWA-JPO-21-908)
Task 11: Outreach Plan Outreach Plan HIRTA Outreach Plan (FHWA-JPO-21-912) ARC Outreach Plan (FHWA-JPO-21-910) CALACT Outreach Plan (FHWA-JPO-21-911) UW Outreach Plan (FHWA-JPO-21-914) ICF Outreach Plan (FHWA-JPO-21-913)
Task 12: Systems Engineering Management Plan Systems Engineering Management Plan HIRTA SEMP (FHWA-JPO-21-917) ARC SEMP (FHWA-JPO-21-915) CALACT SEMP (FHWA-JPO-21-916) UW SEMP (FHWA-JPO-21-919) ICF SEMP (FHWA-JPO-21-918)
Task 13: Integrated Complete Trip Deployment PlanIntegrated Complete Trip Deployment Plan HIRTA ICTDP (FHWA-JPO-22-946) ARC ICTDP (FHWA-JPO-22-944) CALACT ICTDP (FHWA-JPO-22-945) UW ICTDP (FHWA-JPO-22-948) ICF ICTDP (FHWA-JPO-22-947)

Research Contacts

Please explore this site for a more detailed description of the program and progress. We will continue to upload relevant program information for public consumption as it becomes available. For inquiries regarding the program, please contact the USDOT Point of Contact below.

Elina Zlotchenko

Program Manager, ITS Joint Program Office

(202) 366-1697