Intelligent Transportation Systems - ITS Program Advisory Committee (ITSPAC)

From: Joseph Sussman
Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2011 9:19 AM
To: Adam Drobot; Steve Albert; Ann Flemer; Robert Denaro; Bryan Mistele; Don Osterberg; Peter F Sweatman; Gary Toth; Genevieve Giuliano; J. Peter Kissinger; Jack Lettiere; James P. Vondale; Joseph Calabrese; Kirk Steudle; Pravin Varaiya; Randy Iwasaki; Robin Chase; Scott Belcher
Cc: Robert Denaro; Shelley Row; Robert Bertini; John Augustine; Valerie Briggs
Subject: Moving Forward from June 17 Meeting

June 26, 2011

Dear Program Advisory Committee Members –

Thank you for your attendance and participation in the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting of June 17, 2011. We had excellent discussions and I am optimistic about providing USDOT with constructive and actionable advice.  We had hoped to come out of that meeting ready to craft the advisory memo but that proved optimistic. We did make good progress but we still have work to do to finalize our recommendations into an advisory memo.

Each subcommittee benefited from the group discussion and have refinements they wish to make to their templates.  We request that the updated templates be provided to your chair and vice-chair no later than Monday, August 1. This allows the Technology Strategy Subcommittee to complete its deliberations on the appropriate way forward to achieve a “stable yet flexible” technology base and also concerning the White House Roundtable; the Standards and Harmonization Subcommittee to update its recommendations based on the June/July international standards meetings; and the Program Strategy and Evaluation Subcommittee to modify its recommendations based on the group discussion.

Subcommittees should keep in mind that ITS JPO staffers are available to participate in your discussions, to provide briefings on specific topic areas and to help arrange conference calls and webinars. If you would like to take advantage of their expertise, please contact them directly or work through Shelley Row, John Augustine and Valerie Briggs.

Before Bob and I draft the final report, we will likely opt to have a PAC conference call in August to ensure we have consensus on the final recommendations.

We should mention that a general sense seemed to emerge that our recommendations while sensible for the most part, seemed somewhat bland and muted and that more assertive statements from the PAC would be more effective. You may want to keep that in mind in your redrafting.

Again, thank you for your participation. We look forward to receiving your updated templates on or before August 1.

Joe Sussman
Chair, ITS Program Advisory Committee

Bob Denaro
Vice Chair, ITS Program Advisory Committee

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