ITS Program Advisory Committee Agenda

One-Day Meeting: 8:30am-4:30pm, March 13, 2008
Location: US DOT Headquarters, West Building Conference Center, Oklahoma Room

8:30am Opening Remarks: Dr. Joseph Sussman, Chair

  • Meeting Purpose and Agenda Review

8:45am Remarks: RITA Administrator

  • DOT Goals, Vision 2030, RITA Strategic Plan

9:00am Review and Discussion of Advisory Committee Input from November 2007 Meeting (Sussman)

  • Review of Committee Purpose and Charter
  • Recap of Input from November Meeting
  • Discussion

9:20am DOT-Wide Strategic Planning: Context and Details

  • DOT Goals (Row)
  • Commission Report (Bolle)
  • UTC Program (Tompkins)
  • RD&T RPIC Efforts (Brecht-Clark)
  • Discussion plus Q&A

9:50 am Safe-Trip 21 (Ritter)

  • Discussion plus Q&A

10:20am Break

10:35am ITS JPO Strategic Planning Results (Row)

  • ITS JPO Management and Organization
    • Q&A
  • ITS JPO Proposed Mission
  • ITS JPO Proposed Goals and Associated Objectives
  • Programmatic Roles (ITS JPO, Private Sector, Public Sector)
  • Other Critical Programmatic Activities (Modal Partners, Architecture/Standards, Long-Term Scanning, International Research)
    • Discussion/Q&A

11:40am ITS JPO Proposed Mission, Goals, and Objectives (Sussman)

  • Large Group Discussion
    • Center on focus areas within each goal
  • Address the following questions:
    • is there goal clarity – does everyone have the same understanding of the goals presented?
    • is there goal “fit?” – are these the right goal and focus areas for JPO? Some criteria coul class="ritafont"d include:
      • Do the mission & goals rise to the critical challenges of the next 10 years?
      • Are the goals feasible – financially, politically, and literally?
      • Do the goals represent the work that the JPO is best at?
    • is there goal agreement – how strong is the Committee’s agreement with these goals or are there significant questions?
    • shoul class="ritafont"d the mission statement remain as is or be strengthened, given the discussion above?

12:40pm Lunch

1:20pm ITS JPO Proposed Objectives, Metrics and Programmatic Possibilities (Sussman)

  • Summary Presentation (Row)
  • Small Group Breakout Discussion
  • JPO staff/modal working groups have developed proposed objectives/metrics and program possibilities for each goal/focus area.
    • Assign groups to specific goals
    • Each group will have staff resource for reference, information and questions
    • Each group will have specific questions to answer with respect to their goal(s)

2:15pm Small Group Report-out

2:45pm Break

3:00pm Programmatic Roles: ITS JPO, Private Sector, Public Sector (Sussman)

  • Large Group Discussion
    • What is JPO’s unique and most appropriate role within ITS work and within the federal government?

4:00pm Consolidation of Views and Recommendations (Sussman)

4:30pm Adjourn