Minutes of September 11, 2012 Teleconference

1. General

  • The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program Advisory Committee (ITS PAC) met by teleconference on September 11, 2012.
  • These minutes provide a summary of the meeting proceedings.  A copy of the minutes, the meeting transcript, and other meeting documents are available for public inspection and downloading from the ITS PAC website at http://www.its.dot.gov/itspac/index.htm.

2. Meeting Attendance

Committee members participating, in alphabetical order:

Dr. Teresa Adams, Chair, Transportation Management and Policy Program and Director, National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mr. Stephen Albert, Director, Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University
Mr. Scott Belcher, President and CEO, Intelligent Transportation Society of America
Mr. Roger Berg, Vice President of Wireless Technologies, DENSO North American Research Laboratories
Mr. Joseph Calabrese, CEO, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Mr. John Capp, Director of Global Active Safety Electronics, General Motors Corporation
Mr. Robert Denaro, Vice President, Nokia, Committee Chairman
Mr. Sonny Holtzman, Principal, The Holtzman Group
Mr. Steve Kenner, Global Director of Automotive Safety, Ford Motor Company
Dr. Hans Klein, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mr. Scott McCormick, President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association
Mr. Brian Schromsky, Director, Federal Government and Public Safety, Verizon Wireless
Mr. Kirk Steudle, Director, Michigan Department of Transportation
Mr. George Webb, County Engineer, Palm Beach County, Florida

U.S. DOT staff participating, in alphabetical order:

Mr. John Augustine, Managing Director, ITS Joint Program Office, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Ms. Valerie Briggs, Team Lead, Knowledge and Transfer Policy, ITS Joint Program Office, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Mr. Stephen Glasscock, Program Coordinator, ITS Joint Program Office, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation (ITS PAC Designated Federal Official)
Ms. Shelley Row, Director, ITS Joint Program Office, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation

Others participating, in alphabetical order:

Ms. Patty Reich, I-95 Corridor Coalition
Mr. Craig Updyke, National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
Mr. Sam Lamagna, Product Line Manager, Intel Corporation
Ms. Virginia Neale, Associate Director of Government Relations, Northwestern University
Mr. Carlos R. Vélez, Jr., Project Manager, Citizant, Inc.

3. Meeting Action Items

  • The ITS Joint Program Office (JPO) will coordinate with the Safety Pilot technical team to determine the best options for the connected vehicle demonstrations and Safety Pilot discussion at the ITS PAC October 10 to 11, 2012 meeting (hereinafter referred to as the October meeting) in Ann Arbor (see 5.b.(3), p. 5).
  • Chairman Denaro and Vice Chairman Klein will share with other committee members the questions they developed for the October meeting Safety Pilot discussion (see 5.b.(4), p. 5).
  • Mr. Lamagna will provide committee members an outline and abstract of the Intel vehicle-to-vehicle messaging study findings about two weeks before the October meeting (see 5.b.(5), p. 5).
  • Chairman Denaro will send committee members a matrix reflecting current subcommittee membership (see 5.b.(8), p.6).
  • Committee members should sign up for at least one subcommittee (see 5.b.(8), p.6).
  • Vice Chairman Klein will provide committee members information on simplifying their internal communications and on online archiving of the committee’s emails and documents for easy access (see 5.d.(5), p.8).

4. Meeting Agenda

  • Review the Current Meeting Agenda
  • Review the October Meeting Agenda
  • Subcommittee Reports
  • Open discussion

5. Summary of Proceedings

  • Review the Current Meeting Agenda, Chairman Denaro called the meeting to order and reviewed the current meeting agenda.
  • Review the October Meeting Agenda
    • (1) Chairman Denaro requested that Vice Chairman Klein moderate the October meeting agenda review.
    • (2) Vice Chairman Klein summarized the October meeting agenda as follows:
      • Opening remarks by Chairman Denaro and Vice Chairman Klein
      • Welcome remarks by RITA Deputy Administrator Winfree (tentative)
      • JPO briefing on:
        • MAP-21 transportation authorization legislation
        • ITS Strategic Research Plan and JPO activities update
        • New Memorandum of Understanding with Korea
        • Open discussion
      • Technology Review, including:
        • DSRC requirements/performance/robustness
        • Positioning technology requirements/performance/robustness
        • FCC/NTIA study
        • Connected vehicle test bed concept
        • Open discussion
      • Lunch and connected vehicle demonstrations
      • Safety Pilot “deep dive discussion,” including:
        • System overview
        • Driver clinic results
        • Test program overview
        • NHTSA decision support

    (3) Ms. Briggs stated that the JPO had been evaluating meeting schedule options to allow time for discussion of Safety Pilot questions posed by the committee and for the vehicle demonstrations, and requested committee feedback on addressing these schedule challenges.  Following a group discussion of potential schedule options, Mr. Augustine stated that the JPO would coordinate with the Safety Pilot technical team to determine the best options for conducting the connected vehicle demonstrations and Safety Pilot discussion.

    (4) Chairman Denaro stated that he and Vice Chairman Klein had drafted questions to be addressed during the Safety Pilot discussion, and that they would share the questions with other committee members when they are finalized.

    (5) Mr. Lamagna stated that Intel Labs’ Advance Research Team had been studying vehicle-to-vehicle messaging and asked if there would be time during the October meeting to discuss some of the Intel Labs’ findings and recommendations. Mr. McCormick recommended that the committee, especially the new members, should first get a “baseline of understanding” of the ITS Program before addressing information such as the Intel Labs’ study findings. Mr. Augustine stated that it was difficult to determine where on the agenda time could be dedicated to the Intel findings since the details of the findings are not yet known, and recommended that Mr. Lamagna try to introduce the findings during appropriate committee discussions. Mr. McCormick added that he prefers that any information on the Intel Labs’ findings and recommendations that will be introduced at the October meeting be provided as read-ahead material. Mr. Lamagna concurred that much of the Intel information could be integrated during the October meeting discussions, and that, if possible, a 60-minute period during the Technology Review subcommittee brakeout meeting would be more than sufficient to review the Intel information. He also stated that Intel has an outline and abstract of the findings that he would provide the committee about two weeks prior to the October meeting.

    (6) Vice Chairman Klein continued to summarize the October meeting agenda as follows:

  • Security/implementation discussion, including:
    • Technical security design
    • Implementation and institutional issues
    • Data needs and availability
    • Open discussion
  • Subcommittee breakout meetings to:
    • Finalize subcommittee charges and focus
    • Define the process for accomplishing the subcommittee charges
    • Determine subcommittee needs for JPO and external briefings
  • Subcommittee reports
  • Discussion of the 2012 interim advice memorandum
  • Summary and wrap-up, including plans for the next committee meeting
  • (7) Mr. McCormick stated that the Security Framework subcommittee and, perhaps, other subcommittees will have completed their work before the October meeting and would not need a break out meeting. Therefore, he requested that these subcommittees be allowed to provide their reports as read-aheads and to brief their reports before the subcommittee breakouts on October 11. This would allow any members who serve on these and on a second subcommittee to participate in the breakout of their second subcommittee. Chairman Denaro concurred.

    (8) Chairman Denaro commented that some committee members had not yet signed up for a subcommittee; therefore, he would send committee members a matrix of subcommittee membership, and encouraged all committee members to sign up for at least one subcommittee, adding that the breadth of committee members’ expertise is the strength of the subcommittees.

    (9) Mr. Belcher asked how much time there would be for subcommittee work at the October meeting, because he was considering inviting outside experts for the October 11 subcommittee breakouts, and he requested Chairman Denaro’s advice on whether or not this would be worth their time. Chairman Denaro replied that it would be Mr. Belcher’s call on whether or not to invite outside experts to participate in the subcommittee breakouts. Another option would be to include the experts in a subcommittee teleconference before the October meeting. Ms. Briggs commented to Mr. Belcher that the JPO was considering holding a teleconference for the Standards/Harmonization subcommittee since Steve Sill, the JPO Architecture and Standards Program Manager, will not be able to attend the October meeting. Ms. Briggs offered this as an option also for the other subcommittees.

    (10) Vice Chairman Klein asked if it was correct that there were no Government travel resources for the outside experts. Ms. Briggs confirmed that the Government could not provide travel support for the outside resources. Mr. Lamagna commented that Intel planned to bring in the Intel Labs experts at no cost to the Government. Vice Chairman Klein added that that there is expertise in the Ann Arbor area that could possibly be leveraged to assist the subcommittees.

    (11) Vice Chairman Klein asked if the subcommittee reports would be treated as proposals to the Committee of the Whole (COW). Chairman Denaro replied in the affirmative, adding that the COW will consider the subcommittee reports and determine what will be included in the ITS PAC interim and final advisory memorandums.

    Subcommittee Reports

    (1) Chairman Denaro requested the subcommittee chairs to present a high-level status of their work to date.

    (2) Mr. Belcher reported that the Security Framework subcommittee held a teleconference in July and developed seven issues for presentation to the COW – some are positive, some are questions, and some are areas for further JPO investigation.

    (3) Vice Chairman Klein reported that the Market-Driven Adoption Strategy subcommittee had not yet done any group work. He added that, given the subcommittee’s broad study topic, it will need to develop a statement of focus and to begin interacting before the October meeting. Vice Chairman Klein stated that the subcommittee will try to meet at least once before the October meeting and to produce at least a one-page abstract of what it is doing and its direction.

    (4) Mr. Steudle reported that the Outreach Communication/Promotion Plan subcommittee’s work had not gone further than the initial conversations following the ITS PAC’s last meeting, and that the JPO was still considering how to move forward in this area. Chairman Denaro commented that the subcommittee breakout time at the October meeting would allow the subcommittee to further define its work.

    (5) Mr. Belcher reported that the Standards Harmonization subcommittee, which currently includes only two ITS PAC members, held a teleconference during which it identified the following outside experts: Steve Sill from the JPO, Gummada Murthy from AASHTO, and Dick Schnacke from TransCore. The subcommittee planned a conference call in the next week to frame the subcommittee’s future work. The subcommittee work would probably not start in earnest until the October meeting, and would use the breakout session to start developing the standards setting advice it would like to give the JPO.

    (6) Chairman Denaro reported that the Technology Review subcommittee, which was added subsequent to the ITS PAC’s last meeting, had not yet done any work. He reported that Roger Berg and Dr. Raj Rajkumar had agreed to participate on the subcommittee, and he solicited the participation of other committee members. Chairman Denaro stated that much of the subcommittee’s work will be related to the Safety Pilot program, and the subcommittee first will decide whether or not it will need more in-depth support from the JPO or help from other outside experts. He added that the Intel Labs’ work might be very useful to the subcommittee.

    (7) Chairman Denaro asked if there were any questions or suggestions at this point in the agenda. There being none, Chairman Denaro opened the meeting proceedings for general discussion.

    Open Discussion

    (1) Chairman Denaro emphasized that the October meeting will have a “very packed” agenda, including the connected vehicle demonstrations, and thanked Mr. Belcher for citing the importance of the demonstrations. Chairman Denaro invited Vice Chairman Klein to make final comments.

    (2) Vice Chairman Klein stated that although it is “great to listen” and “great to discuss,” he recommended that the committee start directing its attention at “producing stuff” and that committee members arrive at the October meeting having done “a bit of homework” so the committee will have some outputs from that meeting.

    (3) Mr. Belcher requested to address the 19th ITS World Congress that will be held in Vienna, Austria, October 21-26, 2012. He recommended that any ITS PAC members who have not made plans to attend, try to do so, adding that it would be “…a good place to see the technology…from traffic signals to connected vehicles and everything in between, to see it at exhibit booths, to see it as it is deployed, to see it through demonstrations.”

    (4) Chairman Denaro invited Mr. Augustine and Ms. Briggs to make any closing comments. Mr. Augustine agreed that the October meeting agenda would be “packed,” so the JPO would try to keep its presentations and materials brief, but informative. Ms. Briggs reminded committee members of the September 18 lodging reservations cut-off, and requested that all committee members sign up for a subcommittee.

    (5) Vice Chairman Klein added that he will be providing committee members information on simplifying their communications with one another and on online archiving of the committee’s emails and documents for easy access.


    Following confirmation of the teleconference attendance, Chairman Denaro adjourned the meeting at 2:05 p.m.

    We certify, to the best of our knowledge, that the foregoing minutes are accurate and complete.

    Shelley Row, P.E., PTOE
    Director, Intelligent Transportation
    Systems Joint Program Office
    Research and Innovative Technology
    &Administration U.S. Department of Transportation
    Robert P. Denaro
    Committee Chairman
    Vice President