Program Plan

Program Vision

The program seeks to spur innovation among early adopters of connected vehicle application concepts, using best available and emerging technologies. The pilot deployments are expected to integrate connected vehicle research concepts into practical and effective elements, enhancing existing operational capabilities. The intent of these pilot deployments is to encourage partnerships of multiple stakeholders (e.g., private companies, States, transit agencies, commercial vehicle operators, and freight shippers) to deploy applications utilizing data captured from multiple sources (e.g., vehicles, mobile devices, and infrastructure) across all elements of the surface transportation system (i.e., transit, freeway, arterial, parking facilities, and tollways) to support improved system performance and enhanced performance-based management. The pilot deployments are also expected to support an impact assessment and evaluation effort that will inform a broader cost-benefit assessment of connected vehicle concepts and technologies.

Program Roadmap

High-Level Roadmap

Program Schedule

The CV Pilots Deployment Program seeks to combine connected vehicle and mobile device technologies in innovative and cost-effective ways to improve traveler mobility and system productivity, while reducing environmental impacts and enhancing safety. The USDOT has selected three pilot sites, who will conduct Phase 1 concept development activities in order to further advance the proof of concept and to move towards the deployment and operations phases.


Program Schedule