Technical Assistance Events for Concept Development Phase

The Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program seeks to combine connected vehicle and mobile device technologies in innovative and cost-effective ways. Ultimately, this program will improve traveler mobility and system productivity while reducing environmental impacts and enhancing safety. The USDOT has selected three pilot sites, where teams have successfully completed Phase 1 Concept Development activities and are moving towards deployment and operations phases. Phase 1 of the CV Pilot Deployment program yielded a series of artifacts, including technical assistance events, guidance documents and publication outlines/templates that may be of value to other early deployers of connected vehicle technologies to conduct Concept Development activities. Note that some documents are currently in the ITS JPO publication process. Once they are available online, hyperlinks will be added to the following table.


Task No/Name

Technical Assistance
Webinar and Guidance Document

Pilot Sites Phase 1 Webinars/Presentation/Documents


New York City

Tampa (THEA)

1. Program Management

Phase 1 Site Technical Kickoff Meeting (9/30 - 10/1, 2015)

Day 1 Presentation Material from ICF/Wyoming

Day 1 Presentation Material from New York City Team

Day 1 Presentation Material from Tampa (THEA)

2. Concept of Operations (ConOps)

Guidance Document: FHWA-JPO-16-337

3. Security Management Operational Concept (SMOC)

Preparing a SMOC (12/9/2015)

Preparing a Privacy Operational Concept (2/1/2016)

SCMS Proof-of-Concept Interface Requirements  (2/10/2016)

Guidance Documents

  • Security Operational Concept: FHWA-JPO-16-338
  • Privacy Considerations: FHWA-JPO-16-339

Final SMOC  (FHWA-JPO-16-288)

Final SMOC (FHWA-JPO-16-300)

Final SMOC (FHWA-JPO-16-312)

4. Safety Management Plan

Preparing a Safety Management Plan  (12/7/2015)

Guidance Documents: FHWA-JPO-16-340

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-289)

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-301)

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-313)

5. Performance Measurement and Evaluation Support Plan

Preparing an Performance Measurement Plan (2/9/2016)

Preparing Data for the Research Data Exchange (3/2/2016)

Guidance Documents

6. System Requirements Specification (SyRS)

Guidance Document: FHWA-JPO-16-344

Final SyRS (FHWA-JPO-16-291)

Final SyRS (FHWA-JPO-16-303)

Final SyRS (FHWA-JPO-16-315)

7. Application Deployment Plan

Utilizing the Open Source Application Development Portal (1/28/2016)

Guidance Document: FHWA-JPO-16-345

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-292)*

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-304)

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-316)

8. Human Use Approval (HUA)

Preparing a Human Use Approval Summary (1/25/2016)

Guidance Document: FHWA-JPO-16-346

Final HUA Summary (FHWA-JPO-16-293)

Final HUA Summary (FHWA-JPO-16-305)

Final HUA Summary (FHWA-JPO-16-317)

9. Participant Training and Stakeholder Education Plan

Preparing a Training and Education Plan (1/27/2016)

Guidance Document: FHWA-JPO-16-347

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-294)

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-306)

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-318)

10. Partnership Coordination and Finalization

Preparing an Institutional/ Business Model and Financial Sustainability (12/10/2015)

Guidance Document: FHWA-JPO-16-348

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-295)

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-307)

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-319)

11. Deployment Outreach Plan

Preparing an Outreach Plan (3/28/2016)

Guidance Document: FHWA-JPO-16-349

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-296)

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-308)

Final Plan (FHWA-JPO-16-320)

12. Comprehensive Pilot Deployment Plan


13. Deployment Readiness Summary


Final Summary (FHWA-JPO-16-298)

Final Summary (FHWA-JPO-16-310)

Final Summary (FHWA-JPO-16-322)

* ICF/WYDOT would like to hold off on publishing ADP until Phase 2 revision.