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A ConOps brings together a lot of the background information and understanding that goes into the design of a system
The share site run by teh Natl science Foundation: for detailed information on the SE Michigan project.  There is a hierarchy of folders, from background information, to architecture views, to ConOps, to design and specs.  The site is a living library, constantly being updated
To understand something as big as a continent-wide deployment, you often need to divide it up into pieces, and then assemble a mosaic
All the pieces of the system understand their geographic locations in 3D space.
Security is part of the fundamental design.  Not a “bolt-on”
Individual elements come together, exchange data, and then leave, with a record of what was done
Bundles are more efficient to work with than are individual data elements
We’ve taken familiar elements and pulled them together in rational form – not inventing a lot of new stuff; just combining existing in an efficient, replicable way
When a new object enters a new collection, it first has to make the others around it aware of its presence.
For example, registering a new object
1)Establish trust
2)Exchange data
3)Exchange receipt so that the new object knows it completed all needed steps, and the registration service can accurately account for the new object.
This is an example of an English language description of what is expected to happen.  We’ve done this for all parts of the ConOps
This is an example of the data flow in one data exchange process
Here is the English Language description
There are layers of detail for each type of data exchange.  The developer would use this to create the design
Next example: 
A sequence with a significant level of detail in the information.  This happens to be the message sequence for a certificate revocation request.  SCMS = security certificate mgt system
Principle of non-repudiation: at the end of the data exchange, it is important that the mgt system as well as the vehicle itself have a record that the exchange has occurred
Also in ConOps:  Examples of operational scenarios.
These are descriptions of the things that we think will happen as people use the system
The ConOps document is one of the most useful we have in the repository.  We welcome comments and involvement as we build the ConOps.