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Second level
Third level
Fourth level
Fifth level
This round of certification activities will concentrate on system object interoperability.
All object developers are expected to understand basic requirements for suitability for the operating environment – mechanical and electrical.
We now want to concentrate on getting the new media (DSRC) and application protocol data units right.
The Unified Implementation of the reference architecture project embodies the fundamentals we need to work on:
All elements of a connected vehicle system – mobile, field, center.
Multiple communication media with a common process for assuring trust and protecting confidentiality.
Data abstraction points to facilitate data flow and aggregation.  A place is provided for multiple application interest groups to connect up and use (and contribute to) the flow.
The boxes are physical objects and things in the boxes are application objects.  Lines are information flows
The blue boxes (upper right) are inside the vehicle
Yellow boxes are travelers and their equipment
In the middle (orange) exist at the boundary between moving and fixed elements.  Bridge between wired and wireless
On the left side (teal): fixed infrastructure – they exist somewhere at an IP address.  Data are gathered and aggregated and synthesized
Black oval: facilitate the flow of the fundamental data that all travelers need.
Center and Bottom (dark green): support services for overall concept – to make it all work
This is the kind of system that we think could be scaled up to national level
(Fundamental things first.)
(Leading up to services available Q1/2016)
(Price lists should be available as well.)
(Sites that do not use the independent service will be responsible for explaining why not.)
To keep focus in the near-term as people continue to understand the system,
We pick a specific goal within each of the fundamental information flows:
(Basic Safety Message – BSM, MAP and Signal Phase and Timing – SPaT, defined in SAE J2735)
- Vehicle Situation Data:  performance requirements
- Field Situation Data:  common interpretation of standards
- Traveler Situation Data:  separation of producers, distribution, consumers
- Peer-to-Peer:  preserving “privacy by design”
Certification processes will be available from the USDOT.
Services will be available from the three providers.