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Second level
Third level
Fourth level
Fifth level
Whatever is done as part of a Smart City has to be part of an eventual Smart Continent. 
 - Cannot have incompatible fundamentals in small locations
DSRC plays an important role in the overall system because it was designed to work well in moving vehicles.
 - Multiple media will eventually be needed to support all of the communication needs of moving vehicles.
 - Something is needed for very local, very timely communications for crash avoidance.
 - Current wide-area media do nor (or will) not have the capacity to support all vehicle-based communications.
DSRC will be an important part of the portfolio of communication media needed for transportation applications during the Next Generation of Wireless Networks.
Need to start with an understanding of the complete connected intelligent transportation system so you will know all of the parts that will be needed.
The Unified implementation of the Reference Architecture embodies the fundamentals we need to work on:
 - All elements of a connected vehicle system – mobile, field, center.
 - Multiple communication media, wired and wireless, end-to-end, with a common process for assuring trust and protecting confidentiality.
Data abstraction points to facilitate data flow and aggregation.  A place is provided for multiple application interest groups to connect up and use (and contribute to) the flow.
The things in the boxes are physical objects.  Lines are information flows
 - The blue boxes (upper right) are inside the vehicle
 - Yellow boxes are travelers and their equipment
 - In the middle (orange and teal) exist at the boundary between moving and fixed elements.  Bridge between wired and wireless
 - On the left side (green) : fixed infrastructure – they exist somewhere at an IP address.  Data are gathered and aggregated and synthesized
 - Black oval: facilitate the flow of the fundamental data that all travelers need.
 - Bottom (dark green): support services for overall concept – to make it all work
This is the kind of system that we think could be scaled up to national level
A new medium to cover use cases that involve moving vehicles does not need to be invented.
DSRC as we know it today already exists!
Need to understand all of the parts of DSRC.
DSRC can be deployed as separate parts by independent but cooperating parties.
Internet Protocol transport is the one part of DSRC that has not been explored greatly.
IP transport will likely be a very useful companion to WAVE Short Protocol transport.
Range finding opportunities are a useful byproduct of a complete deployment of DSRC IP gateways in stage 4.
The NGMN Alliance white paper is available at https://www.ngmn.org/uploads/media/NGMN_5G_White_Paper_V1_0.pdf
Look at the use cases given.
DSRC (as one of the “embraced” other RAT’s) could support those cases as it is designed today.
If it passes – we give certification sticker…