Mobility Services for All Americans (MSAA)

Transportation Management Coordination Center (TMCC)
Paducah, KY Grand Opening

On March 12, 2010, four rural transit agencies in and around Paducah, Kentucky held a Grand Opening for their Travel Management Coordination Center (TMCC), as part of the Mobility Services for All Americans (MSAA) Initiative, a component of the USDOT-funded Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program. 

The goal of the Mobility Services for All Americans (MSAA) initiative is to improve transportation services and simplify access to employment, healthcare, education, and other community activities by means of the advanced technologies such as Intelligent Transportation Systems, and through extending transportation service partnerships with consumers and human service providers at the federal, State, and local levels.

A key component of the MSAA initiative is to demonstrate the concept for TMCC – an integrated point of access for information and support to meet transportation and human services needs.  Paducah is one of three sites selected for the demonstration phase, with Aiken, South Carolina and Camden County, New Jersey being the other two.

Paducah’s TMCC integrates dispatching and scheduling information from four transportation providers: Paducah Area Transit System, Murray Calloway Transit, Fulton County Transit and Easter Seals West Kentucky.  The four transit agencies have come together to form a new entity – the Purchase Area Regional Transit System (PART) – that will operate the TMCC.

In addition to the transportation management, callers or those visiting the center’s website will also be able to access a searchable database of human service resources, government and educational institutional information. The database will include valuable information, such as where to go for utility bill assistance, where to find local food pantries, where to find support groups for health issues, and how to contact officials concerning local governmental questions.