New Resources Available for Phase 1 of the Complete Trip – ITS4US Deployment Program

The Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office has published new documents on the Complete Trip – ITS4US Deployment Program website. Slide decks and recordings from a series of technical assistance trainings are now available.

Resources include:

  • User Needs Identification and Requirements Planning Document
  • Concept of Operations Document
  • Data Management Plan
  • Safety Management Plan
  • Performance Measurements and Evaluation Support Plan
  • Enabling Technology Readiness Assessment
  • Institutional, Partnership, and Financial Plan
  • Systems Requirements.

Additional resources will be developed as Complete Trip – ITS4US Deployment Program awardees advance throughout the development stages (Phases 1 to 3). These resources will include webinars and document reports that may be of value to other early deployers of innovative technologies who are conducting similar planning and design activities.

Stay tuned for additional technical assistance training materials and published resources from Phase 1 awardees.


In early 2021, the U.S. Department of Transportation launched the Complete Trip – ITS4US Deployment Program. The program aims to solve mobility challenges for all travelers—regardless of location, income, or disability—and assists with accessing jobs, education, healthcare, and other activities. To date, the program has awarded $40 million to five sites to participate in Phase 1 of the program to plan and conceptualize their large-scale, real-world deployments of integrated innovative technologies to address the challenges of planning and executing complete trips.

For more details on the Complete Trip – ITS4US Deployment Program, visit the program’s website.