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AERIS Workshops and Webinars

Between 2009 and 2014, the AERIS Research Program created an opportunity for discussion about connected vehicles and the environment among the stakeholder community. These discussions occurred during numerous AERIS events such as workshops and webinars. These events included 1,808 participants with 20.3% from academia; 49.1% from the private sector; and 30.6% from the public sector. These events were used to actively engage the community and keep them in the loop on the program's progress. The AERIS team shared interim and final results with stakeholders using webinars throughout the five years of the program, instead of waiting for the program to come to an end.

Webinars proved to be good tools to share progress with stakeholders. Over the five-year program, the AERIS team conducted 13 webinars. These webinars were used for several purposes including eliciting stakeholder feedback on AERIS ConOps, benefit-cost analysis, and initial modeling and prototyping results.


Webinar Series