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Appendix A

Complete Range of Questions Important to AERIS Program Research

  • What vehicle-based data is available – What is the data quality & validity?
    • How can we collect environmentally-relevant data from the transportation system?
    • What does this data tell us? Is the data meaningful? Is it valid? Is it of good quality? Is it reliable?
    • Is it the right data? How much of it do we need? How often do we need to collect it?
    • How much penetration into the fleet is necessary to generate useful information and environmental benefit from this data?
    • What technologies and methods are most effective and useful to get this data?
    • Who would use the data once we prove that it is utile in this context?
    • What data do we NOT have that we really need to be successful?
  • How can vehicle-based data be integrated with existing traffic and emissions data?
    • What different kinds of information can be generated from the data?
    • What applications make the most sense, from a policy perspective and commercial perspective?
    • What kind of information can best be used by system users? System operators? Can this information be generated?
    • How will access to this information impact transportation system user choices, system management choices, and overall transportation system performance with respect to the environment?
    • How can we leverage the connectivity between transportation system elements (connectivity that already exists, and connectivity that may exist in the future)? How can we leverage the connected vehicle data sets and test beds? How can we work with the Road Weather Program to leverage work done already and work to be undertaken with probe vehicles and weather data?
  • What cross-modal public sector applications are needed & what are their benefits?
    • What applications would make the most positive overall impact on the environment? How much impact?
    • Would they make sense to deploy? Would they work effectively? Would people use them? Would governments accept them?
    • What policy or regulatory issues need to be addressed or in place to ensure these applications are effective and useful?
    • What would be the best methods of incentivizing users and operators to use ITS information and data to make greener choices?
    • What are the most effective methods of getting applications into the marketplace, or widely adopted by public sector entities?