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Wayfinding & Navigation

Smart Wayfinding and Navigation helps travelers, particularly those with disabilities, safely and independently reach theirWayfinding & Navigation destinations by providing real-time information, localization and situational awareness to assist in navigating indoor and outdoor environments, including path planning and detouring around blocked routes or hazards.

In 2017, the USDOT granted the following Broad Agency Agreement (BAA) awards for Wayfinding & Navigation projects:

  • City College of New York – Smart Cane for Assistive Navigation (SCAN), integrated with a smart phone application
  • AbleLink Smart Living Technologies – An open wayfinding media standard and related infrastructure to support the creation of geographically-specific, cloud-based libraries of routes that adhere to the SMART standard for users in different metropolitan or rural areas.
  • Pathways Accessibility Solutions – A wayfinding tool for wheelchair users and people with visual impairment that guides routes tailored to the user’s preferences.
  • TRX Systems – A smart wayfinding and navigation system to obtain real-time location, en-route assistance, and situational awareness.