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Broad Agency Announcement

Similar to the Use Case effort, in early 2010 FHWA issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) soliciting proposals to use the Clarus System in new/transformative ways.  The goal of the BAA was to foster collaboration between transportation engineering, computer science, and atmospheric science disciplines and to support research and scientific study on the use of Clarus System data to improve surface transportation weather management/operations, create innovative interfaces, and/or develop new applications including weather-responsive traffic management tools. 

The tools and applications that are being developed from this research must address a specific surface transportation weather management problem and be implementable by agencies that draw data from the Clarus system.  Eight contracts were awarded during the summer/fall of 2010 and they are expected to be completed by the fall of 2011. The titles of the awarded projects are as follows:

  • Integrating Clarus Data in Traffic Signal System Operation: A Survivable Real-Time Weather Responsive System (University of Idaho)
  • New Brunswick-Nova Scotia Clarus Integration Plus (AMEC)
  • One-Stop Shop for Rural Traveler Information (Western Transportation Institute)
  • The Integration of Multi-State Clarus Data into Real-time and Archived Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS) Data Visualization Tools (University of Maryland – CATT Laboratory)
  • Research on Clarus System Data (integration of Clarus system data with the Data Transmission Network road segment alerting engine – Telvent)
  • Integrating Clarus Weather Station Data and State Crash Data into a Travel Decision Support Tool (Michigan Technological University)
  • Passenger Bus Industry Weather Information Application (GST, Inc)
  • Application of Clarus System Data to the Improvement of Mobile ESS Utilization (University of North Dakota