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Track 1: CVISN Core Deployment Status

Research Accomplishments

50 states plus the District of Columbia (DC) are deploying Core CVISN Functionality.

28 states have achieved certification toward Core CVISN Compliance.

Safety Information Exchange Deployment:

  • 50 states plus DC have deployed FMCSA’s Aspen inspection software or equivalent
  • 33 states are uploading data via FMCSA’s Safety and Electronic Fitness Records (SAFER) system
  • 33 states are using Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW) or equivalent to upload/download data

Credentials Administration Deployment

  • 41 states are uploading International Registration Plan (IRP) data
  • 48 states are participating in the IRP Clearinghouse
  • 37 states are uploading International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) data
  • 48 states are participating in the IFTA Clearinghouse

Electronic Screening Deployment:

  • 40 states have implemented E-Screening
Critical Research Insights

It is highly beneficial for planning and deployment agencies and the motor carrier industry to integrate systems to share data; working together in this manner greatly leverages the capabilities of the individual systems.

Next Steps

Continue to provide CVISN grant funding and support to assist all states to reach Core CVISN Compliance by FY 2015.