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Enabling Advanced Traveler Information Services (EnableATIS)

Enabling Advanced Traveler Information Services (EnableATIS) represents a framework around  a desired  end  state  for a future traveler information network, with a focus on multimodal  integration, facilitated  sharing of data, end-to-end trip perspectives, use of analytics  and logic to generate predictive information specific to users, and enhanced delivery  mechanisms that reduce  driver distraction.  As the traveler information marketplace continues to evolve, EnableATIS seeks to facilitate, support, and enable those advancements and innovations to provide transformative traveler information.

Research Plan

The Enable Advanced Traveler Information System (EnableATIS) is looking ahead to a future operational environment that will support and enable an advanced, transformational traveler information services framework. This future framework is envisioned to be enabled with a much more robust pool of real-time data through connected vehicles, public and private systems, and user-generated content. This Operational Concept does not define specific future applications, but rather seeks to formalize a framework whereby multiple activities are envisioned to interact to support a diverse traveler information environment. Two operational scenarios are possible  — one is a laissez-faire approach to an incremental build out and enhancement of traveler  information  services  over time and with limited influence on the market  from US DOT; the second  represents a desired end-state of a robust, multimodal,  multisource traveler  information  environment that leverages new  data  sources  and generates transformative uses of that information  to benefit  travelers as well as system  operations and management by agencies.

EnableATIS has the potential to transform how traveler information is gathered and shared, how agencies are able to use information to better manage and balance the transportation networks, as well as transform how users obtain information about every detail of their trip. New forms of data will unlock the potential for a highly personalized, intuitive, and predictive suite of traveler information services well beyond what is experienced today.

Research for EnableATIS is identifying the gaps in the existing marketplace, and in coordination with other Dynamic Mobility Applications and Real-Time Data Capture and Management efforts, is providing strategic directions and investment decisions that will help shape the environment for unique public/private partnerships for the next generation of enabling traveler information services.  To guide the ATIS community toward achieving the vision set forth for EnableATIS, the following goals have been established:

  • Goal #1: EnableATIS will transform the user experience on the transportation network. Future traveler information systems will intuitively provide users with trip, location, and mode specific information to empower real-time decision making.
  • Goal #2: As a result of EnableATIS, the transportation networks will experience measurable gains in performance, including mobility, safety, and efficiency.
  • Goal #3: A more robust traveler information suite of capabilities will be enabled through a rich and multisource data environment that leverages public sector system and operations data, transportation network operations, and user data from privately operated systems.