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The United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) started the ICM Research Initiative in 2006 to explore and develop ICM concepts and approaches and to advance the deployment of ICM systems throughout the country. The objectives of the Initiative are to:

  • Demonstrate and evaluate pro-active integrated approaches, strategies, and technologies for efficient, productive, and reliable operations.
  • Provide the institutional guidance, operational capabilities, and ITS technical methods needed for effective Integrated Corridor Management.

The U.S. DOT’s ICM Initiative is occurring in four phases, which are designed to promote innovation in the development of new approaches for efficiently managing existing assets within a corridor. Ultimately, these four phases will help the U.S. DOT and early adopter sites identify and advance promising ICM approaches that can serve as critical next steps in the nation's efforts to reduce traffic congestion.

All materials developed as part of the ICM Initiative are accessible in the ICM Knowledgebase.

  • Phase 1: Foundational Research -This phase included research into the current state of corridor management in the United States as well as leading examples of ICM-like practices around the world. It also included feasibility research and the development of technical guidance documents, including a Generic ICM Concept of Operations (ConOps).
  • Phase 2: Corridor Tools, Strategies and Integration - U.S. DOT developed a framework to model, simulate and analyze ICM strategies. It worked with eight Pioneer Sites to deploy and test various ICM components such as standards, interfaces and management schemes.
  • Phase 3: Corridor Site Development, Analysis and Demonstration - U.S. DOT selected eight pioneer sites to develop preliminary ICM concepts on corridors in their regions. Three sites went on to conduct analysis, modeling, and simulation (AMS) of ICM strategies, and two sites are currently demonstrating and evaluating their ICM systems.

To learn more about this phase, check out the ICM AMS Fact Sheet and the ICM Demonstration Sites Fact Sheet

  • Phase 4: Outreach and Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) - The U.S. DOT is packaging the knowledge and materials developed throughout the ICM Initiative into a suite of useful multimedia resources designed to equip transportation practitioners in corridors around the country to implement ICM. KTT resources are house in the searchable ICM Knowledgebase.
To learn more about this phase, check out the ICM Knowledge and Technology Transfer Fact Sheet