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Concept of Operations for the I-880 Corridor in Oakland, California

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Useful to Transportation infrastructure engineers, managers and operators interested to optimize their multimodal transportation networks through ICM.
Abstract This report describes the draft Concept of Operations that has been developed for the Integrated Corridor Mobility (ICM) program by the I-880 corridor team. The I-880 corridor team has defined this Concept of Operations (ConOps) based on two primary principles: (1) it must improve overall corridor performance by meeting the needs of the local stakeholder agencies, within their practical operational, institutional and financial constraints; and (2) it must focus on integration of pre-existing systems rather than on implementation of new equipment or infrastructure.
How to Use Transportation professionals in the field seeking to implement ICM can use this document as a guide to develop their own concept of operation for ICM. Concept exploration is the first step in the ICM lifecycle.
Date of Publication 5/09
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POC Brian Cronin

Dale Thompson

Steven Mortensen

Robert Sheehan
Number of Pages 290