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Webinar Series - Integrated Corridor Management Initiative: Showcasing the ICM Pioneer Sites

Useful to Transportation infrastructure engineers, managers and operators interested in learning about the experiences of the 8 Pioneer Sites.
Abstract A series of three webinars were held in July 2008 to promote the United States Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Initiative’s 8 Pioneer Sites (the sites are: Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, San Diego, CA, Oakland, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Seattle, WA, and Montgomery County, MD). Each Pioneer Site gave a presentation about the operational, institutional, and technical aspects of their site, their findings thus far in the Initiative, and the lessons that they have learned. These webinars covered: 1. What is ICM? 2. The goal of ICM, the primary performance measures, and the expected benefits . 3. The path to implement ICM and achieve the goals; and where each ICM Pioneer Site is on this path. 4. A discussion of the operational, institutional, and technical aspects of the ICM system for each pioneer site. This will include an overview of the ICM concept of operations and system requirements specifications for each Pioneer Site 5. Lessons learned from the Pioneer Sites. The link for this entry takes you to a page with recordings, podcasts, transcripts, and PowerPoint presentations from each webinar. The Adobe Media Player is required to view the recordings (.flv files). The recording files contain both the audio and visual components of each webinar. Each individual presentation was also recorded as an MP3 file, allowing you to listen to the audio on any player that plays MP3 files. The transcripts were created in real time and may contain some errors. They are meant to serve as a companion to the recordings and the presentations.
How to Use This web site can be used to learn about the 8 Pioneer Sites and to raise awareness about the ICM Initiative.
Date of Publication 6/08
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