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Integrated Corridor Management Analysis Results for the Test Corridor

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Useful to Transportation infrastructure managers and operators interested to optimize their multimodal transportation networks through ICM
Abstract This report documents the Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) analysis, modeling and simulation (AMS) tools and strategies used on the I-880 Test Corridor in San Francisco, California. This report presents the results from the AMS process, discusses lessons learned, and how AMS can be used to support benefit-cost assessment for the successful implementation of ICM. AMS was used to analyze a number of different ICM strategies, which include: highway traveler information, transit traveler information, freeway ramp metering, HOT lane, arterial traffic signal coordination, and combinations of these strategies. The report contains detailed graphs of the operational conditions tested and relates these operational conditions to benefits-costs for different ICM strategies as well as the performance measures used in the analysis.
How to Use Transportation engineers in the field seeking to implement ICM can use this document as a reference when understanding the ICM AMS framework and applying it to their corridors' needs. Readers can tailor the AMS approach used in the Test Corridor to their corridor's needs, unique conditions, and existing tools
Date of Publication 6/08
Publication Agency FHWA
POC Dale Thompson
Number of Pages 118