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USDOT Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Initiative Transit Data Gaps for Rail Transit Systems Initial Planning Workshop

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Useful to Transportation agency or network owners, transportation professionals, infrastructure engineers interested in optimizing multimodal transportation networks
Abstract This document presents the notes taken at the USDOT Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Transit Data Gaps for Rail Transit Systems Initial Planning Workshop. During the workshop participants discussed different scenarios for handling increased demand on rail and bus transit systems; the gaps in data collection that exist in rail and bus transit; and what current obstacles exist to collecting more data. This document also includes the steps that the Pioneer Sites corridors are taking to lessen the data gaps through technological advancements such as automatic people counters and real-time transit information
How to Use Transportation professionals in the field seeking to implement ICM can use this document to gain insight into how to overcome data gaps that exist with regard to rail transit systems when trying to integrate a multimodal network
Date of Publication 6/08
Publication Agency FHWA
POC Steven Mortensen
Number of Pages 12