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Integrated Corridor Management Session SS24 Presentation at the ITS America 2010 Annual Meeting

Useful to Transportation practitioners interested in the status of the USDOT’s ICM Initiative and its activities at the Pioneer Sites.
Abstract These slides were presented by Steven Mortensen, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Program Manager, at the ITS America 2010 Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas. The presentation provided an overview of the ICM Initiative, background about the eight Pioneer Sites, and lessons learned through the development of Concept of Operations and Systems Requirements documents at each of the Pioneer Sites. Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation (AMS) activities, as part of Phase 3 of the Initiative, are also discussed at a high level, including a table of strategies being modeled at each of the 3 AMS Pioneer Sites (Minneapolis, San Diego, and Dallas). The slides include a status update on the progress of the Pioneer Site AMS activities. Lastly, a preliminary demonstration schedule for the two ICM Implementation Pioneer Sites (Dallas and San Diego).
How to Use Users can read this presentation to get a status update of the AMS activities in Minneapolis, San Diego, and Dallas, and get an overview of the ICM Implementation activities in Dallas and San Diego.
Date of Publication 5/10
Publication Agency USDOT
POC Steven Mortensen
Number of Pages 22