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Integrated Corridor Management: Implementation Guide and Lessons Learned

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Useful to Transportation project managers who wish to implement an ICMS in their region
Abstract The purpose of this ICM Implementation Guide is to provide information to ICM “early adopters” on how to plan, develop, deploy, operate, and maintain an ICM system (ICMS). The Guide describes the phases in the ICMS life cycle and the associated deliverables for each phase, focusing on how the ICM Pioneer Sites addressed each phase. The guide also discusses typical issues (lessons learned) that arose during the U.S. DOT’s research initiative.
How to Use Transportation professionals who will be involved in some stage of the ICM lifecycle can use this document to gain a high-level overview of the process steps needed to develop, implement and operate an ICM system. It can also help transportation professionals at all levels (Federal, State and local) who are generally interested to learn more about what ICM is and how to implement it.
Date of Publication 2/15
Publication Agency USDOT
POC Brian Cronin RITA 202-366-8841 Dale Thompson FHWA 202-493-3420 Steven Mortensen FTA 202-493-0459 Robert Sheehan RITA (202) 366-6817
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