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U.S. 75 Dallas, Texas, Model Validation and Calibration Report

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Useful to Transportation professionals and modelers interested in learning more about ICM AMS methodology.
Abstract This report presents the model validation and calibration results of the ICM analysis, modeling, and simulation (AMS) for the U.S. 75 Corridor in Dallas, Texas. The U.S. 75 team used the DIRECT traffic model developed by Southern Methodist University as the mesoscopic model for this analysis.The document describes the model validation/calibration approach and shares the results for highway validation/calibration, visual audits, transit validation, route choice, known incident validation, and HOV validation.
How to Use Users can read this document to learn more about conducting model calibration/validation for ICM AMS.
Date of Publication 2/10
Publication Agency USDOT
POC "James Colyar FHWA 360-753-9408"
Number of Pages 82