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I-394 Minneapolis, Minnesota ICM AMS Model Calibration and Validation Report

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Useful to Transportation modelers interested in learning more about ICM AMS methodology
Abstract This report documents the calibration and validation of the baseline (2008) mesoscopic model for the I-394 Minneapolis, Minnesota, Pioneer Site. DynusT was selected as the mesoscopic model for analyzing operating conditions in the I-394 corridor study area, and the report provides details on the network development, traffic flow model calibration, origin-destination (OD) demand calibration, and model validation. In addition, the report provides a modeling methodology for simulation of transit, as well as the results of a sensitivity analysis, utilizing information from a known incident, undertaken to verify the ability of the validated model to replicate operating conditions for incident scenarios.
How to Use Users can read this document to learn more about conducting model calibration/validation for ICM AMS.
Date of Publication 2/10
Publication Agency USDOT
POC "James Colyar FHWA 360-753-9408"
Number of Pages 87