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I-15 San Diego, California, Model Validation and Calibration Report

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Useful to Transportation modelers interested in learning more about ICM AMS methodology
Abstract This report summarizes the results and process for the calibration of the microsimulation network for the I-15 Corridor in San Diego, California, which was simulated in TransModeler microsimulation. The report is organized into two major parts. The first part provides the final calibration results, and provides a quick summary of the model calibration criteria and comparison against real data. The second section provides further insights into the calibration process, including details on the software used, challenges faced, and key lessons that can be carried forward in future projects
How to Use Users can read this document to learn more about conducting model calibration/validation for ICM AMS.
Date of Publication 2/10
Publication Agency USOT
POC "James Colyar FHWA 360-753-9408"
Number of Pages 50