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U.S. 75 Dallas, Texas, ICM AMS Analysis Plan

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Useful to Transportation professionals involved in or considering conducting ICM AMS.
Abstract This document outlines the various tasks associated with the application of the ICM analysis, modeling, and simulation (AMS) tools and strategies to the U.S. 75 corridor, in support of a benefit-cost assessment of proposed ICM strategies. The report provides a brief description of the corridor and the methodology used for the AMS. It lays out ICM strategies that will be tested and provides a list of the AMS scenarios. The document then defines performance measures that will be utilized in the analysis of the ICM strategies on the corridor and sets out the simulation model validation requirements and the data needs for this calibration.
How to Use This document can be used as an example framework for an analysis plan for ICM AMS.
Date of Publication 2/10
Publication Agency USDOT
POC "James Colyar FHWA 360-753-9408"
Number of Pages 62