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I-15 Integrated Corridor Management System Requirements

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Useful to Transportation infrastructure engineers, managers and operators interested to optimize their multimodal transportation networks through ICM.
Abstract This document is intended as a listing and discussion of the Requirements for the I-15 Integrated Corridor Management System (ICMS) Demonstration Project in San Diego. This document describes what the system is to do (the functional requirements), how well it is to perform (the performance requirements), and under what conditions (non-functional and performance requirements). This document does not define how the system is to be built; that is the providence of the design document. This document sets the technical scope of the system to be built for the Demonstration Project
How to Use Transportation professionals in the field involved in, or approaching, the requirements phase of the ICM lifecycle can use this document to help them define their System Requirement Specification (SRS) for their ICMS.
Date of Publication 7/11
Publication Agency USDOT
POC "Robert Sheehan RITA 202-366-6817"
Number of Pages 214