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Stage 3A Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation for the I-15 Corridor in San Diego, California: Pre-Deployment AMS Assessment

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Useful to Transportation professionals involved in or considering conducting ICM AMS.
Abstract This report describes the various tasks associated with the refinement and additional analysis of the Stage 2 models and methodologies used at the San Diego ICM Demonstration Site in order to support the successful implementation of ICM. Chapter 2 provides a brief description of the I-15 Corridor in San Diego and the methodology used for the overall AMS effort. Chapter 3 summarizes the AMS work completed as part of the Stage 2 analysis, including analysis results. Chapter 4 lays out the methodology, model enhancements, model reasonableness assessment, and analysis results for the AMS work completed as part of the Stage 3 pre-deployment analysis.
How to Use This document can be used for information on how to refine models and analysis methodologies for ICM AMS.
Date of Publication 8/12
Publication Agency USDOT
POC "James Colyar FHWA 360-753-9408"
Number of Pages 44