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Federal Interagency Program Support Group

The second level is a Federal Interagency Program Support Group that initially includes representatives from four federal agencies: Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, Education and Transportation. These four agencies collectively administer 52 of the 62 federal programs, identified in the GAO report, that provide human services transportation to the transportation disadvantaged. As the program progresses, the inter-agency coalition may be expanded to involve representations from all ten agencies, with the additions of Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, and Social Security Administration, as defined in the presidential executive order.

The Federal Interagency Program Support Group is consisted of representatives across federal agencies which influence human service transportation policies and/or administer transportation programs for the disadvantaged. This interdisciplinary group fosters interagency dialogues and cooperation, and provides vital guidance in shaping the overall direction of the initiative. This group is also cross-listed as the "Consolidated Access" Working Group in the Federal Interagency Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility, led by the Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta.