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Stakeholder Advisory Group

The third level of coalition building reaches out to the Stakeholder Advisory Group beyond public agencies. Stakeholders may include grass-roots, community/advocacy groups, industry organizations, transportation service providers, trade associations, and private businesses. These organizations/individuals have a wide range of interests, expertise, and/or roles in human services transportation and may participate in various capacities, including providing guidance/assistance in coordination, outreach and technology deployment and advising program management and operations. Additionally, expert panels on specific subjects may be formed as needed throughout the course of the program. This initiative directly affects and benefits stakeholders from both human service and transportation communities, including:

  • General Public, the Transportation Disadvantaged Individuals in particular
  • Public Human Service Transportation Program Offices, including Federal, State, Tribal and Local
  • Transportation Disadvantaged Advocates
  • National Transportation Organizations
  • Public Transit Agencies
  • Community and Non-profit Transportation Agencies
  • Private Industry, such as Technology Vendors