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Stakeholder Advisory Group Facilitation (APTA)

The MSAA Program Management has chosen the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) to support the establishment, operation and management of the third level coalition – private/public stakeholder advisory group, to allow seamless, direct and effective interactions between the stakeholders and the rest of the initiative activities. The primary role of APTA is to facilitate activities and produce advisory group reports, including the following specific tasks:

  • APTA shall initiate contacts and assemble the stakeholder advisory group (and any subsequent sub- and/or working groups as needed) based on the guidance and recommendations given by the FTA Task Order Manager.
  • APTA shall function as an objective, third-party facilitator that supports timely and accurate communications and information exchange between the stakeholders, support contractors and the program teams.
  • APTA shall engage in and work with individual working groups, and ultimately be responsible for producing and delivering the final products on behalf of each individual working group.
  • APTA shall provide complete logistics and administrative support in hosting stakeholder advisory group meetings, including both teleconferences and face-to-face meetings.

The following figure illustrates APTA's roles and relationships with other functional components of the program. Successful implementation of this task will lead to a more comprehensive and balanced view of issues at stake so that resources can be allocated more wisely and effectively throughout the entire program period.

APTA roles and relationships

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