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Coalition Building Activities

One of the major goals of the Mobility Services for All Americans initiative is creating a bridge between the transportation and ITS and human services communities in order to create new solutions that combine the efforts and knowledge of both. Coalition building to facilitate inter-agency coordination and cooperation will be a key element in the success of this initiative. To promote optimal allocation of resources and deployment of technologies to enhance the mobility and accessibility for the transportation disadvantaged, this initiative introduces three levels of coalition building to perform various functions ranging from day-to-day program operations and management to technical support, advisory and oversight.

The first level (core group) is a USDOT Intermodal Program Management Team that involves key personnel from three modal administrations, including FTA, FHWA and FMCSA. This core group performs essential program planning, management and decision-making functions, monitors the course, and is ultimately responsible for program outcomes.

The other two levels are:

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