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Progress and Insights Research Progress and Insights

Research Accomplishments

  • FRA is leading research to develop a ConOps for connected vehicle safety for rail. The effort began in September 2011 and was completed in 2012 with broad stakeholder acceptance.
    • System and Perfomance Requirements documents are drafted and awaiting industry review.

Critical Research Insights

  • FRA is also partnered with Virginia Tech and the US Naval Academy in a research effort to characterize the performance of the DSRC radio set in a rail environment (locomotive mounted). The goal of this project is to determine the feasibility of a V2V communication scheme for highway-rail crossing applications.

Next Steps

  • FRA has drafted a system design package for a retrofit device which would at connected vehicles functionality to an existing active grade crossing protection system. Based on the previously developed large system ConOps, this package is ready for industry review by the Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership.