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Research Progress & Insights Research Progress and Insights

Research Accomplishments

  • The US DOT has awarded a contract to a partnership of public and private sector and academic organizations to identify and integrate successful deployments of truck- specific roadside technologies. The focus of the effort is on developing a ConOps and testing prototypes of Smart Roadside applications.
  • Outreach has been conducted with key stakeholders, which has formed the basis for identifying user needs.
  • An assessment has been completed that reviewed and analyzed currently deployed systems on Smart Roadside applications.

Critical Research Insights

The current commercial vehicle environment consists of numerous Federal, State, regional, and private sector programs that use a combination of manual, semi- automatic, and advanced technologies to support safety, mobility, and security. The effectiveness of these programs will be greatly improved by the Smart Roadside concept as relevant and appropriate data is shared among the current systems and they are integrated

Next Steps

  • Complete the development of the ConOps, systems requirements, architecture, and prototype design process.
  • Identify benefits and develop deployment plan.
  • Frame an experimental test design.
  • Conduct build up for test experimental design and conduct limited field test deployment.
  • Document findings and generate an evaluation report.
  • Integrate Smart Roadside into the overall V2I research program and planned regional pilots.