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Research Accomplishments

  • In 2010, specific heavy vehicle crash scenarios were identified that could be addressed by V2V safety applications.
  • Research was conducted in 2010-11 to investigate the truck specific Interoperability, performance of V2V safety applications, and Driver Vehicle Interface issues.
  • The US DOT awarded a contract to a diverse team of heavy vehicle manufacturers, safety system suppliers, and researchers to integrate the connected vehicle technologies on a range of truck platforms.  Additionally, the project focuses on refining the V2V safety applications and on-board systems for heavy vehicles. The project began in 2011 and resulted in testing three trucks during the Safety Pilot Model Deployment and one in the Smart Roadside Program.
  • In 2011, the US DOT awarded two contracts to develop Retrofit Safety Devices with V2V safety applications to be installed in participating trucking fleet vehicles during Model Deployment.
  • In 2012 to assess user acceptance of V2V technology in trucks, the Safety Pilot conducted two driver clinics specific to truck V2V applications.  This resulted in over 100 commercial vehicle drivers, in total, experiencing V2V technology in realistic driving scenarios under controlled test conditions.
  • The Safety Pilot Model Deployment completed in 2014 tested V2V safety applications installed in 19 heavy trucks driven in real-world conditions in Ann Arbor MI for over 1 year.

Critical Research Insight

  • The research has highlighted that the previously developed light vehicle technologies and applications can be leveraged for the truck platform however, there are some truck specific needs currently being studied.

Ongoing Research

  • Articulated commercial vehicles need special considerations for the V2V Basic Safety Message (BSM) to accommodate trailers. The results of this study will define the elements needed in the BSM to more accurately define a trailer and be able to transmit this information to nearby vehicles. 
  • The safety benefits specific to heavy vehicles are being determined to support the NHTSA heavy vehicle decision.  This includes data from a variety of sources including, truck experience from Model Deployment, truck driver acceptance from driver clinics, V2V truck driver simulator results, and performance of V2V in trucks on a test track. 

Next Steps

  • NHTSA Heavy Vehicle Decision
  • Options and refinement and for implementation of truck trailer Basic Safety Message strategies
  • Potential deployment of trucks in Connected Vehicle Pilots Program