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Program Management Plan Research Progress and Insights

From 2010 to 2014, the primary focus of the ITS PCB program is on building ITS professional capacity and developing the future ITS workforce.  The program seeks to leverage the most engaging and effective learning platforms to deliver the latest in best practices in ITS research results to targeted audiences. The program supports activities that deliver multimodal ITS learning opportunities to the ITS community by:

  • Promoting knowledge sharing of best practices;
  • Providing technical assistance to ITS deployers through ITS Peer-to- Peer (P2P) and Talking Technology and Transportation (T3) webinar programs; and
  • Delivering ITS training through partners.

A set of core components provide a basis for the program’s four interrelated goal areas:

  • Professional Development, which seeks to equip current and emerging ITS professionals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to plan, design, deploy, operate, and maintain ITS Technologies;
  • Leadership Outreach which includes the development of a network of champions who promote the value of ITS;
  • Knowledge Exchange to facilitate the exchange of knowledge through innovative PCB solutions; and
  • Technology Transfer to accelerate technology transfer to bring ITS research and proven solutions to the user community.

Put into action, the four components and goal areas support a strategic approach for program delivery that seeks to connect partners, accelerate the adoption of ITS technologies, deliver learning in the most effective and engaging manner, and continuously evaluate the program for maximum impact.