Strategic Planning Group Charter

Annex B – ITS JPO FY Spending Plan Development Process

Purpose: The purpose of this annex is to describe the process used to develop a program level ITS JPO Spending Plan that implements Step 5 of the Strategic Planning Process outlined in Annex A. The output of the process documented in this annex will be a program level spending plan that distributes the budget estimates generated in the program outlines of the Strategic Planning Process (Step 5, Annex A).

  • Preliminary FY XX spending plan estimates based on program proposals.
    ITS JPO program managers lead appropriate multimodal teams in the development of program spending plans based on estimated needs to accomplish research objectives in accordance with the strategic plan. Spending plans for modal-specific research will be developed by modal staff in coordination with designated ITS JPO staff.
  • ITS JPO consolidation of program needs and reconciliation with available funds into a preliminary FY XX spending plan.
    ITS JPO management consolidates all submissions resulting from Step 1 (above) into a draft fiscal year (FY) XX spending plan.

Concurrently, senior modal administration managers will identify staff members with responsibility for providing input into appropriate sections of the draft ITS JPO Spending Plan.

ITSJPO management integrates:

    • ITS Strategic plan.
    • ITS Management Council direction.
    • Overall ITS budget goals and funding availability (to include uncommitted carryover funds).

ITS JPO management conducts sessions with ITS JPO program managers for clarification and identification of budget-sensitive issues. During the draft spending plan development process, the ITS JPO program managers maintain ongoing communications with their modal administration counterparts who participate at every stage of development. The modal staff members involved in the process are expected to keep their managers informed, and ensure that potential budget implications are understood. The result of this process is the development of a preliminary FY XX spending plan.

  • Review and coordination of the preliminary spending plan.
    ITS JPO management distributes the preliminary spending plan for review by ITS JPO program managers and SPG members. ITS JPO program managers coordinate directly with their modal counterparts for feedback.
  • Development and presentation of draft JPO spending plan.
    Based on the process in Step 3 (above), a draft FY XX spending plan is developed, and presented at a meeting of the SPG dedicated to final spending plan issues for the FY under consideration.
  • Presentation of approved FY XX spending plan.
    The adjudication and resolution of issues in Step 4 (above), by ITS JPO management, results in an approved FY XX spending plan. Any subsequent revisions to the approved FY XX spending plan will require approval of the Director, ITS JPO, the Managing Director, ITS JPO or as otherwise prescribed in ITS JPO financial management procedures.

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