The ITS JPO’s New Strategic Plan for the First Half of the Decade

For almost three decades, the ITS JPO has fostered pioneering research and development in technology and evaluation of each generation of ITS. These efforts have helped to save lives, improve access and mobility, and increase economic productivity.

The ITS JPO is now looking ahead to the next 5 years of transportation innovation. The ITS JPO Strategic Plan 2020–2025 describes the ITS JPO’s vision, mission, and strategies that will help the U.S. Department of Transportation achieve its key technology research and development priorities and ensure that our nation has the safest, most efficient and modern transportation system in the world.

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Research Areas

The ITS Strategic Plan 2020–2025 includes in-depth discussion of the ITS JPO’s strategic goals, related research areas, and four technology transfer programs, which together work to accelerate deployment:

This plan will be appended annually to include the ITS JPO’s Annual Modal Research Plan (AMRP), which provides details about the projects and initiatives undertaken by the ITS JPO with a 2-year outlook.